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 When Your Yahoo Messenger ID is not working

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PostSubject: When Your Yahoo Messenger ID is not working   Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:16 pm

I have seen quite a few topics where people say their ids arent working and all the responses are that the person was keylogged and lost their ids -lol-

so before you jump to the following steps...its quite easy and will save you some trouble!!


So your id isnt working. you tried to log it into a room, game, or even messenger, still says invalid password. here is what you do:

1. Log the ID into email (
You will notice it will say invalid. Scroll down the page and see if it gives you a security key to enter. More then likely this is the problem, and yes, it will say invalid on any messenger, chat client you are using if its locked. Simply reenter the id and password, and then enter the security code...

2. Step 1 didnt work. You didnt get a security code. Now what do you do? Very simple... Check The Profile Of The ID!!
where the id is, put your id and click enter. No ID? You get an error? Well guess what, your id was deactivated, and thats the problem.

3. You search the id and it does show up. Check the password to make sure its the correct one. If it is the right pass and the id profiles and it still doesnt work. Then you are LOGGED. Send your ids/passwords you have to someone you trust and have them change them and hold them for you and reformat your pc right away!!

I hope this helps and brings some enlightenment to all of you that have this problem.

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When Your Yahoo Messenger ID is not working
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