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 Hard Disk Drives-FUJITSU philippines

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PostSubject: Hard Disk Drives-FUJITSU philippines   Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:05 am

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are the data center of every computer. Storing all the programs and data, it is the most important of the various types of permanent storage used in computers. FCPP produces 2 of the most technologically advanced 3.5" HDDs used in the most demanding computer servers. These HDDs are therefore designed and tested under extreme conditions to ensure high reliability.

Intended for high capacity requirements, the AL-8LE has a capacity ranging from 36.7 to 147 Gbyte. It operates at a rotation speed of 10,025 RPM and registers an access time of 4.5 milliseconds for read and 5.0 milliseconds for write capacity.

AL-8LX, on the other hand was designed for high speed. It has a modest capacity of 18.4 to 73.5 GByte but operates at a rotation speed of 15,000 RPM clocks an access time of 3.5 milliseconds for read and 4.0 milliseconds for write.
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Hard Disk Drives-FUJITSU philippines
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