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 ..::10 Reasons Why Firefox and Opera Are Better Than Internet Explorer::..

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PostSubject: ..::10 Reasons Why Firefox and Opera Are Better Than Internet Explorer::..   Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:40 am

Does anyone here still uses IE? For me it is the worst browser I ever know, no offense. Internet Explorer sucks. Here’s why:

1. No more ads! IE doesn’t have a decent integrated ad-blocking device. Opera and Firefox, on the other hand, have the excellent AdBlock plugin. Of course, if you like to support a site with a few clicks you can set it to show ads for that site. Bloggers (like me) are ever so happy when they get a click or two.

2. Fast security updates - Internet Explorer’s security updates come with Microsoft’s usual once-per-week schedule. By that time, Firefox has updated itself several times already. Fast updates are very important for security as they help to protect browsers from the newest security threats.

3. Reasonable tabbed browsing - Internet Explorer’s tabs are quite a mess. Can’t close them when they’re open and no way to bookmark any at the same time.

4. Accepting certificates - IE shows the finger to all security certificates it doesn’t trust for some reason. Using your company’s solutions can be quite difficult…

5. Web standards - Firefox’s and Opera’s support of web standards is better.

6. Portability - You can take Opera or Firefox with you anytime on a memory stick or flash memory device. Internet Explorer is stuck in your Windows.

7. Only for Windows - IE is only made for Windows. Firefox, Opera and even Safari are all made for several operating systems.

8. Customization - Opera has a heap of widgets to use. Firefox has tons of plugins and themes so you can make your favorite browser work and look any way you like. Try that on Internet Explorer!

9. Password Management - Firefox and Opera let you choose to delete remembered passwords and Firefox even lets you set one master password to protect the others. IE remains unprotected.

10. Speed - On Windows XP, both Firefox and Opera are much faster than IE7 when several pages are open. Internet Explorer’s speed is better on Vista, but come on - you need Vista for that!

Now let me ask you, still wanna use that crumpy IE? I don't think so Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: ..::10 Reasons Why Firefox and Opera Are Better Than Internet Explorer::..   Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:14 pm

thankz sa information boss
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..::10 Reasons Why Firefox and Opera Are Better Than Internet Explorer::..
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